Fight Club Author Chuck Palahniuk Shoots The Kickstarter Video For His Next Movie--And Gets His Money!

We cannot promise that your Kickstarter pitch video, shot at Cine Rent West, will earn more than $405,000 in pledges.

We can strongly imply that this will be the case, with lots of knowing winks, nods, and stories like the one you're about to read.

But you will NOT get us to put a $405,000 guarantee in writing.

If you recall, Chuck Palahniuk is the northwest author most likely known for his novel Fight Club. It was made into a critically-acclaimed movie starring Brad Pitt. Spoiler alert: It's about a club where guys fight.

Recently, Mindpollen Films optioned another one of Palahniuk's books called Lullaby. It's about an evil book of children's poems that contains a killing spell. Spoiler alert: Bad things happen when people read this book to their kids.

To fund the film, producers Josh Leake and Andy Mingo set up a Kickstarter page with a goal of raising $250,000. But in just over a month it raised more than $405,000. Palahniuk's fans want to see this thing made!

The Mindpollen team produced their Kickstarter video on our soundstage. You can watch it below. (Yes, those dead birds are real. No, they didn't read the lullaby.)