Lord Of The Rings: How To Shoot Chroma Without A Green Screen

So here's the story.

Droptree was producing a spot for Common Sense Media on a very ambitious schedule, which involved shooting sports scenes at three locations in one day.

Here at Cine Rent West they needed to get a shot of a gymnast performing on the rings while trying to talk on his cell phone. The point being--it's not a good idea.

Needing to chroma a crowd behind the actor, they were going to have us set up one of the big green screens. But we suggested just lighting the cyc chroma-green with our SkyPanel LEDs. It would save them time and money, and would still look great in post.

Time was going to be of the essence because that day they were also going to shoot a soccer scene at Providence Park and a swimming scene at a pool.

As it turned out, the rings shot looked great. Or we probably wouldn't be telling you about it.

DP Greg Schmidt worked with gaffer Joel Stirnkorb to position the rigging for the rings about 25 feet in front of the cyc wall. So when we flicked on the LEDs to light it chroma green, there was no spill on the actor.

Brian Baldwin and Matt Miadich (who did Con Bro Chill's videos) directed and the spot came out looking great--like it was NOT all shot in one day. 

And it made us want to put our phones away at dinner.

Here are some of the production stills (click on the image to go through the slideshow). Scroll all the way down to see the finished spot.

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