Listerine Swishes It Up At The Office In Stunt-Filled Spot Starring Lacrosse Star Connor Martin

Swish once with Listerine Cool Mint and things start to get interesting.

Swish twice and they start to get crazy.

Swish three or more times and you better have your phone out, because something is about to go viral.

Actually, that was the whole point behind two videos for Listerine mouthwash produced by Droptree, who was working with production company Zebra and agency Creative Shop Studio (both from New York).

The two videos were produced and directed by Matt Miadich and Brian Baldwin, the team behind the ingenious Con Bro Chill music videos. Greg Schmitt served as DP, shooting on sets built by DOA.

The first video shows a young woman taking selfies in the bathroom. (Haven't we all done that?) She snaps a few, swishes a little Listerine, which takes her creativity up a notch. After several more rounds of Listerine and she's filled her bathroom six feet deep with soap bubbles--from which she emerges to take one last selfie.

Hard not to laugh while shooting this one. We used a device called a Foam Daddy, which filled the set with suds before each take.

The second video shows Connor Martin working in an office, the kind where you wear dress shirts and talk quietly by the water cooler. However, when he takes repeated breaks to swish his mouth out with Listerine, things get more and more lively.

Each level of freshness compels him to execute increasingly elaborate workplace stunts, costume changes and dance moves, which do not go unnoticed by his supervisor. The piece ends with Martin executing an epic bottle drop, which is followed by a frantic celebration. 

A printed description cannot do this video justice.

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