Deep Sky Helps ODOT Keep the Streets Safe


Have you seen ODOT’s new PSA?  It was recently shot right here at Cine Rent West by Deep Sky, one of Portland’s premier animation studios.  Video link below:

Alright, we know what you’re thinking… That highway trooper’s action figure rap verse makes you want to obey every traffic law ever made, right?  We feel the same and haven’t been this moved by a well-executed jingle in a very long-time. But let’s not let that distract us from the amazing production prowess of Deep Sky Studios.  

The persuasiveness of the animated items are driving ODOT’s message, which has never been more important. Just as the highway trooper action figure stated, there is now a max $1000 fine for distracted driving, and for good reason. Between 2013-2017, there have been 12,006 crashes in Oregon caused by distracted driving, resulting in 95 fatalities and 18,429 injuries.  If that’s not serious enough for you, three offences in 10 years will land you 6 months in jail!

This obviously isn’t Deep Sky’s first animated rodeo.  They’ve been creating top-notch content for big brands since 2006.  Learn more about their work right here: