Did You Forget About Your Old Friend Tungsten?


These days, you can’t talk about lighting on set without LED this or LED that. Don’t get us wrong, we know it’s the future.  That’s why we’ve been collecting a healthy supply of ARRI Skypanels in our equipment room.

Nevertheless, we’ve found that sometimes the classic warm orange hue of a tungsten bulb cannot be replaced. So, if you’re not feeling blue, we have a unique inventory of Mole Richardson lighting available for your next production.

Many might argue that tungsten fixtures are too hot and draw too much juice, but that’s why we have a strong AC system with 1800 amps of power on stage.  These raw and robust features are what create the color-balanced light quality that everyone loves in a tungsten bulb, so don’t be afraid of them. They’re also built to last for years and years, giving you dependable results on set.

Here is a quick list of what we currently have on hand:

(1) 10′ x 30′ Chimera F2 Light bank

(1) Big Eye Tenner

(2) Studio 10k

(2) 6K Barger Baglight with large and med Chimera

(8) 5k Studio Senior

(2) 5K Baby Senior

(13) 2k Studio Junior

(4) 2K Baby

(9) 1k Baby

(4) 600w Tweenie

(4) 200w Midget

(4) 650w Teenie

(5) 2k Mighty Mole

(8) 1k Mickey-Mole

(3) 575w Source 4 Elipsoidal light

(6) 750w Source 4 Par light

(3) 750w Source 4 25-75 Zoom

(8) 6k Spacelights

(2) 9 Light Mole-Par Maxi-Brute

(5) 9 Light Mole-Fay

(1) 5 Light Mole-Fay

(1) 6 Light Mole-Fay

(2) 2 Light Mole-Fay

(1) Dedo Light kit (4 heads)

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