OMPA Masterclass at Cine Rent West


The future of film is exciting, which is why we recently hosted the OMPA’s Masterclass on “Demystifying New Technology” with @filmbot, Jim Geduldick.

It turns out, robots aren’t just changing the manufacturing industries across the planet, they’re also pushing the limits of what can be filmed.  Through continuous, repetitive and accurate movements, robotic arms and drones are changing the game. They can also shoulder a lot more weight than your average DP, while spending zero time at the craft services table.

This clip titled, “Box” is already a few years old, but it’s a great example of the types of things we learned about.  Check out what these bots can do with a bit of projection mapping.

Most of us are probably aware of what robots and drones can do, but Jim did a great job of explaining how they do it. The good news is that robots haven’t completely stole all the jobs, they’re actually creating new ones. Innovative software is being developed by people every day that is making the world of visual effects more accessible and easier to use.

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