Photographer Kelley Dulcich Gets All Of (W)here Realty Group In One Shot

Kelley Dulcich takes great business portraits.

When she shoots your executive head shot, it's a nice mix of intimacy and professionalism. You look like a real person but caught at the most flattering moment.

But when Kelley landed the job of taking a business portrait of nearly 50 people at once, she realized she was going to need a lot of room to pull it off.

We were happy to help.

The client was one of Portland's most innovative realty businesses, the (W)here Realty Group. And Kelley needed to get a single shot with everybody in it for the group's upcoming magazine ad.

Large group photos are notoriously tricky. When you cram everybody together to fit into the shot, short people get blocked by tall people and everybody has that uncomfortable-but-smiling-anyway look.

If you rent a drone or a scissor lift, you can fit everybody in, but they look like hobbits.

Kelley's idea was to spread the 48 (or 49--we lost count) people across our white cyc, lighting individually with both hot lights as well as strobes. It was Kelley's first time working in our space and we were happy to help with hanging and positioning the lights and generally assisting in any way we could.

The big space gave everyone enough room to strike a natural pose and the client was happy with the final shot.

Unfortunately, we're not as talented at taking photos as Kelley and our iPhone shot of the production makes it look like a cast reunion for Mystery Science 3000.  Please believe us just this once when we say it looked great.