Treehouse Chose Us To Shoot Their Innovative Instructional Videos--So Why Are We A Little Sad?

More than just an educational video site, Treehouse is a breakthrough software learning system that uses "gamification" and other innovative techniques. Through 1000+ video tutorials, quizzes, and code challenges created by expert teachers, you can learn to code in languages like Objective-C, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and SQL.

Growing rapidly, they now have more than 49,000 active students in 120 countries.

So as you can imagine, when they approached us about shooting a series of instructional segments on our soundstage, we were extremely happy to accommodate.

Yes, it would be great to have the session here. But even more exciting--we were finally going to get to build our treehouse.

When the day came to construct the set, we had everything ready: rickety boards, an unsafe ladder, a bucket of rusty tetanus nails, and our old tire swing with the mosquito larvae growing in it.

Turns out however, that Treehouse wanted a cleaner, sleeker set. One that wouldn't be a "distraction" from the learning process.

To that end, they said our No Girls Allowed sign might alienate a sizable portion of their students. The ricochet from the BB gun was a safety issue. Also, no rotten plum fight.

Things could have become very awkward at this point. But we remembered that it doesn't matter who is holding the BB gun--the client is always right. And we're just here to facilitate their creative vision. So no hard feelings. 

After that the shoot went very smoothly.

See the photos below for the final look of the set.

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