Entire Soundstage Barely Contains Connor Martin's Intense Lacrosse Workout Shoot

If you made a list of America's top professional lacrosse players who are rock stars and successful comedians--could you please fax that over to us?

Because we think of only one person who fits that description.

Portland's own Connor Martin.

All-American lacrosse standout at Chapman University. 

MCLA Player of the Year with the Ohio Machine pro team. 

Front man/keytarist for wildly popular party band Con Bro Chill.

But wait. There's another side to Connor Martin, one that he shares with only a few hundred thousand YouTube followers. And that's Connor Martin the sensitive humorist whose take on the intersection of life and sports is an inspiration to us all.

So we were especially thrilled when Mr. Martin contacted Cine Rent West to shoot several intense workout/selfie opportunity shots for his latest piece The Hardest Working Guy On Twitter.

LaxAllStars.com describes Martin's character this way:

"The Hardest Working Guy On Twitter is a fiend when it comes to his posting about his work out regiment.

First, he rolls out to the field, pours out his bucket of balls, lays his stick and gloves down next to them, snaps a pic. After that he takes 8-12 outside shots from up top and then takes his talents to the weight room.

There he bangs out 3 sets of 3 reps of 225 on the bench. He does not Clean or Squat. Then he moves to the biceps and snaps a pic of his one sweet vein on his right arm. After that he hits the hot tub/sauna to mellow out and reflect on his training and how to best caption his awesome pictures.

He can easily get 3 -7 Twitter posts, 3 Instagram photos, 8 Snapchats, and a Facebook post out of this 85 minute ritual. He’s a cool guy."

This guy's had 54 retweets before the rest of us even have our gym shoes tied. Amazing.

Watch The Hardest Working Guy On Twitter: