“Uneekly” Built and Keen on Comfort


We recently had the pleasure of hosting Keen’s Uneekbot at Cine Rent West.  Known as the world’s smallest shoe factory, this robotic cobbler can crank out a pair of shoes in less than 9 minutes.  Using only glue-less cord and rubber, the automated arm movements were mesmerizing to watch as it weaved through shoe after shoe.

Moving the half-a-million-dollar robot into the studio wasn’t scary at all. The forklift operator gracefully placed it on our loading dock, and we rolled it right on to the stage.  After a day of pre-light, the whole crew had a lot fun capturing a series of forced perspective shots.

Bridging the gap between sandal and shoe, the whole Uneek collection at Keen was designed for casual adventure.  It’s also helped Keen rethink their supply chain process to reduce their environmental impact.  These are concepts that come easy to your average Portander, which helps explain their popularity. 

If you’re as intrigued as we are, go buy yourself a pair! Here is a link to Keen’s online store: https://www.keenfootwear.com/uneek-collection/