Cine Gear 2019


HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Over the weekend, we blasted down South on an early morning flight to attend the Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios. With over 300 exhibitors showing off their latest and greatest innovations, there was A LOT of gear to play with.
As a premier soundstage facility, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art lighting and grip equipment. To do that well, we keep our eyes peeled for current trends on new technology. Over the last couple of years, there’s been a huge demand for lighting with RGBW capabilities. To no surprise, there was an abundance of new LED products at the expo that could do could do just that.
We see a lot of high-speed camera work, so we were amazed by the lack of hot lighting. In talking with some of the exhibitors, we discovered that ARRI was celebrating their 10th anniversary of the M18, while Mole Richardson is still selling plenty of tungsten fixtures.  That being said, the only tungsten bulb we saw in LA was in a food court heat lamp, warming some chili dogs. More and more cameras are coming out with high-speed capabilities, so we’ll be expecting a warm and comparable LED alternative in coming years. -- Here are some of the new lights we’re excited about:
-LiteMat Spectrum - LiteGear
RGBW capabilities, wide-range Kelvin temperature adjustment, +/- Green correction, full spectrum de-saturation of color, REC-709 color-space compliance, and large-format pixel control.
-Brute Force 6 - AC Lighting
Significantly reduced energy consumption - draws just 15 amps @ 240V, no downtime due to lamp failures, produces tunable whites and pastel saturated colours (2,800K - 6,500K / 2,000K - 10,000K extended CCT), pixel mapping to generate 'effects' - e.g. fire & lightning, and full creative control from a lighting desk or media server
-24” 20K LED - Mole Richardson
High output, single source LED, (2) 15 Amp house circuits, single-channel DMX, LumenRadio, RDM, 2.8” LCD touch-screen and twist & push selector, Bluetooth connectivity via Mole-Richardson iOS App, firmware upgradeable and user presets
-The Hammer - Quasar Science
OUR FAVORITE) Link Available this Summer
800 watt output, 2000K-6000K crossfade white light with RGB color mixing, 4 cells of control, manual interface with OLED screen, universal AC power 100v-240v, DC option 20v-26v, RDM enabled, DMX over CAT5, wireless by LumenRadio.
At the end of the day, we felt right at home as we bumped into some of the usual suspects from Portland.  They weren’t hard to find, we just had to check the nearest beer garden!