New Building Update: Almost There


We have to stop and remember how much we've told you about our newer, bigger, better production facility.

Have you already heard us mention that we're remodeling a gigantic new space over at 2330 NW 31st Avenue?

OK. Didn't want you to hear about that from somebody else.

The actual construction work inside has been humming along. All the studio framing is done and is ready for insulation and drywall.

PGE just hooked us up with 2400 AMPs of power. So you'll want to be very careful about sticking the knife in the toaster when you're over here.

All the plumbing has been roughed in and passed inspection. A real accomplishment. But we've decided to take the extra step (and expense) to install actual plumbing fixtures. We can already hear some of you complaining that this will take all the adventure out of using the restroom.

Trust us. It's going to be better with the porcelain.

Great Permitting Suggestion

Speaking of inspections, we've appreciated everyone's ongoing suggestions for "streamlining" our permitting process. The most promising recent idea has been to claim that all this interior construction is just for a haunted house. Maybe call it Cine Wraith West or something like that.

Not only would that eliminate most of the building codes, but would also cover us for any mournful wails and ghastly screams the neighbors might hear.

The only drawback we can think of is that some clients are going to balk at having to wear werewolf masks.

A Moving Plan

We're far enough along in the remodel that we've been trying to figure out the logistics of moving everything from our current space over to the new one.

One of our bulkiest pieces of gear, the 10' x 30' F2 light, has already made the trip. We just put it on a dolly and walked it over—forcing people off the sidewalk, blocking traffic for a few blocks, and generally behaving like a float that got separated from the Starlight Parade.

It was certainly more exciting than your average equipment portage. But probably not a viable moving method for the rest of the stuff.

Every day it's something new.

Of course, our current facility has been fully functioning throughout all this. To see some of the national campaigns we've been working on, take a look at our recent blog posts.