W+K Shoots Spicy Little Honey Bear Adoption Spot For KFC


Move over Honey Badger. It's KFC's Honey Bear.

 Well actually, it's Colonel Bear. And he looks a lot like those little bear-shaped honey dispensers.

In this ad for KFC's hot honey chicken sandwich, Colonel Bear romps around his home and yard, playing pranks on his friends the bees.

 Created by Portland agency W+K, the spot was directed by Zach Sheehan, produced by Rachel Gardel, with animation by Shami Lang-Rinderspacher. DP Drew Fortier made the miniature set look huge, with set dressing help from Jesse Gregg and Samantha Levy.

 Throughout the spot, Colonel Bear describes his hobbies and personality in hopes that the viewer will want to adopt him. At the end there's a link they can follow to bring home their only little Colonel Bear. It doesn't contain any honey, but it does have a pull-string that allows it to talk.