Yes, We're Moving. No, We're Not Going Out Of Business


The City of Portland continues to grow and so do we. Because we're expanding, Cine Rent West will be moving a few blocks to the North this fall. The new facility will be bigger, better, and have lots more parking.

There. Now you know. For more details, keep reading.

As we've mentioned before, for about the past 15 years we've been looking to move to a larger facility.

Finally, we've found what we believe to be the ideal location and it's only about five blocks away. We will let you know the exact address this summer.

Why Move?
When we first entered the witness protection program . . . just kidding. We're moving to gain more room and become a more versatile creative space. For example, even though our facility has the largest soundproof, two-sided cyc north of San Francisco, we'd like it to be bigger, taller and three-sided.

Plus were tired of moving the F2 out of the studio and down Vaughn St. to an offsite warehouse.  People thought it was the Rose Festival Parade every time we had to stop traffic and march down the street with that thing.

Our studio infrastructure has been steadily upgraded through the years. But we'd like the chance to build it out to modern digital standards in the first place.

Our offices could use some more room. We'd like larger areas for clients to relax and work off-set. A true commercial kitchen and a main floor lunchroom would make it easier to feed cast and crew. And then there's the parking issue. It's an understatement to say that we need more spaces.

Also, in the years we've owned the building at 2580 NW Upshur the neighborhood has changed significantly.

What was once a primarily industrial zone has become much more residential. It's great that many more people are able to enjoy living in NW Portland, but it can be limiting for a business like ours that needs to be hauling in big truckloads of equipment and set pieces, and with clients and crew in and out at all hours making more noise than the neighbors would like.

So moving to the NW Industrial District is more conducive to our way of doing business makes sense. We're going to gain space for our clients to work, plan, and relax, while still being quickly accessible from the major thoroughfares.

Why Now?
The timing made sense and we found an ideal building.

We will continue operations at our current location until we officially move later this year. And once the new building is outfitted for production, we'll start booking clients there.

Why Not Sell Everything And Close Shop?
You mean like retire? Right. Coupon clipping and daytime soaps are not in our DNA. More importantly, as Portland and the surrounding areas continue to flourish and expand as a creative hub, the need for a soundstage production facility that is close to downtown and has key amenities is something we feel is important to maintain.

What Should Clients Do In The Meantime?
You can keep working at our current location just like you always have. We are planning the transition to the new building so that there will be no interruption in the availability of studio time. So, if you are planning a production this fall, we will have a place for you.

For more specifics, read our Cine Rent West Moving FAQ, which we will be adding to as information becomes available.