Frequently Asked Questions About The Cine Rent West Move

We just announced that after nearly 25 years in the same location, the Cine Rent West soundstage and creative center are moving a short distance away. Here are the answers to your most burning questions.

 1. Where are you moving?
About five blocks away. Sure, we know commercial real estate is much cheaper in the outer reaches of Washington County or Clackamas County, but are you really going to drive out past Hillsboro to the west or Happy Valley to the east? Nope.  We don’t believe so.   Our concern is that our clients wouldn't be "happy" making that drive.

2. Why are you moving? 
a. Bigger facility
b. Better location
c. Closer to the new baseball stadium
d. Next to Brynden’s spiced curry facility (It’s all about him)
e. See question #12

3. When is this going to happen?
We are expecting to be moved in by this fall.

4. Is the studio going to be the same?
No. It's going to be bigger and better. For example, we're planning on a 3-wall cyc that's 60' x 60' x 20' and 20' high. We're going to double our power capacity to 3600 amps and incorporate other significant upgrades.

5. Will it still be a soundstage?
Yes. The new facility will also be soundproof.

6. What about parking?
There will be ample street parking, non-metered. Plus a separate parking lot with loading dock for grip, art department, camera, etc., for a total of three loading bay doors.

7. Are you near any restaurants?
Yes. We will be a block away from two brewpubs and a winery. Plus coffee, banking, and other amenities will be within a four block radius.

8. Will there be a disruption of service?
No. You will be able to book shoots at the current facility up until the new one is ready. Just contact Brynden for availability like you normally do.

9. Will you keep the Cine Rent West name?
Yes. No reason to mess with a good thing. We're just changing our address.

10. Are you going to have two studio facilities?
No. But the new facility will have the potential to have two shoots going on simultaneously.

11. What will happen to the Upshur building?
We were told it will become Portland's first professional freeze tag training facility. Of course, you know how unreliable rumors can be.

12. What will happen to the portrait of the Old Man With the Pipe?
We're taking that with us, of course. Fifth on our list of reasons to move was to provide a more suitable gallery space for our rare work of art.

13. Will there be more office space for rent?
Yes. Our current tenants are coming with us and we will have additional office space to rent. If you're interested, ask Chris about availability.

14. How can I honor the legacy of the of 2580 NW Upshur?
The Upshur building has been a landmark of Portland film, video, photography, and animation production. From now until we move, we're asking clients who come by to record a short video memory on their phone and upload it to our Facebook page and reach out to Brynden next time you're on set.