Take A Whirlwind Tour Of Our Entire Facility In 45 Seconds

You know those "express" tours of Italy, where you're expected to absorb 2,700 years of culture in 3 days?

Your tour bus drives once around the Colosseum. You speed through the Sistine Chapel on a Segway. You buzz a Tuscan vineyard in a glass bottom helicopter. And you're back home before you can get jet lag.

These incredibly time-efficient tours were the inspiration for our facility walk-through video.

Starting at our towering side door, you will be swept through the key features of our facility at the leisurely pace of fire drill.

In fact, producer/director Brynden McNew may have accidentally yelled, "Fire!" to clear the building of people--especially the kind who stand around doing nothing, except getting in the shot.

In less than 45 seconds you will learn the major areas of the facility and have a vague idea of the massive array of gear that makes Cine Rent West the place where you can create your best work.

Watch the video once and try to answer how many times the man in the gorilla suit bounces the basketball. 

Then watch it again to see how you did.