Red On White: Shooting The Music Video For "On The Floor" With GoldFoot

In the old days, if you dressed a band in all white outfits, put them on a plain white set, and lit the whole thing with 5K white lights--you'd have a scene from Heaven Can Wait.

But today, thanks to the impressive resolution of the Red Scarlet video camera, you end up with a cool looking music video for GoldFoot.

Earning their place as one of Portland's favorite new bands, GoldFoot plays a mix of rock, funk and electronic music that some people have described as "an irresistible cocktail of sound that leaves your ears asking for more." Band members include Joe McClain on guitar,  Elijah Medina on Bass, Trevor Forbess doing vocals and guitar, Ruth Heald providing vocals as well as percussion and samples, and Anthony Messano on drums.

The music video for their latest release, "On The Floor" was produced by Brynden McNew through Perception Northwest. DP Scott Uyeda had Steadicam operator Will Walle move through the set as the band performed the first two minutes of the song in a single take. It took twelve attempts to get that one take, but who's counting?

The shot of the band from the back was created through a combination of green screen and post. But the psychedelic effects were all done on-camera by running jello through a slide projector. Just kidding. Don't try that.

See the production stills below. Then scroll all the way down to watch the finished video.