Update On Our Upcoming Move: Were Still Moving . . .


By far the most frequently asked question about our relocation to a bigger facility has been, "Where is the new building?"

Like Area 51, its precise location is still not verified, confirmed or acknowledged by US intelligence.

However, we are happy to say that our first set of plans has been approved by COP (City of Portland) and we are currently working to shepherd our second set through the process.

As any Egyptologist will tell you, the most difficult part of building the Great Pyramid at Giza wasn't lifting 20 ton limestone blocks 400 feet into the air. It was getting the building permits. The Lower Kingdom zoning board frowned on putting a mixed-use structure (royal tomb and UFO transmitter) so near a sphynx.

We're navigating similar challenges with the city, which are a normal part of the process for any kind of development near downtown Portland.

As we're learning, letting out too much information too soon can cause additional problems. For instance, if everyone knows where our site is too far ahead of time, there's a huge risk of young people breaking into the vacant building and using it as a skate park.

Let's just say that we will be able to release more information in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, we should all dwell on the many improvements we've promised to make. For example, a 60x60x20 three wall cyc that's 20ft tall, a commercial kitchen, increased parking, and in-house Tarot card reading. (OK, three outta four ain't bad.)

Speaking of that kitchen. Just imagine breaking for lunch during a shoot and walking into our new eating area where craft services has prepared a traditional Christmas dinner, complete with roast goose, Yorkshire pudding, and those sweet potatoes covered in toasted marshmallows that nobody really likes.

And there at the head of the table stands Tiny Tim ready to "bless us every one." (He's standing because he was able to have his operation and everything is fine.)

Yes, just think about that.

So stay tuned. We will tell all soon enough.