Nike Shoots Pre-Flight Instruction Video For Air Jordan 33 Basketball Shoes

Air Jordan 33 banner.jpeg

You know how you always pay very close attention when the flight attendant is explaining how your seatbelt works and why the bag on your oxygen mask may not look like it's inflating?

 Or maybe you have no idea what we're talking about because you're usually watching Groundhog Day on your phone.

 The truth is you'd be paying better attention if you were the pilot and she was explaining how to fly the plane.

 This is the clever concept behind the video for the new Air Jordan XXXIII basketball shoes that Nike recently shot on our soundstage. (In case you forgot your Latin numerals, XXXIII is 33.)

 Produced by Cycle Media of Brooklyn, NY for Foot Locker's House of Hoops, the piece features a cheery, scarf-wearing stewardess explaining the pre-flight preparations you should take before lifting off in your new Air Jordans. Most people will think it was shot in an airplane hanger, but we know is just some excellent green screen work.

 Geoffery Warner was the Producer, Scott Uyeda DP, with Paul Wig as agency Creative Director.

 Scroll all the way down to get the link to the finished spot on Instagram.