Keen Shoes Debuts Our New Digital Key Green Screen


We've been testing out our new Digital Key green screen from The Rag Place in Hollywood, CA (where they make the movies). And we just had our first client shoot with it, with great results.

Known as "digi-comp," this type of screen is the industry standard for film and TV.

The secret is the special shade of green (or blue). It's a deep hue designed specifically for layering in post. They call it deep digital key green and the difference is amazing.

In addition to being easier to light, it allows you to key your scene much more accurately and easily in post. No more fighting with fuzzy weatherman-on-the-storm-map edges. The result is a crisp, clean layering composite that's almost impossible to detect.

You've already seen it in a bunch of movie and TV scenes you thought were shot on location.

Henry V Studios came in and a shot an internal video for Keen shoes, which we can't show you because it's for their eyes only. But stay tuned for more examples soon.

Ask Brynden about how our new digi-comp screen might work for your next shoot.