Biz Travel Platform TripActions Brings In A Section Of Airline Fuselage For Video Shoot


Business travel can be a real pain. Especially when you're sitting in front of a small child who wants to use your seatback as a leg press.

Producer Wendy Peyton wanted to capture this and other wonderful flight cabin experiences for business travel client TripActions. Since you can't shoot during an actual commercial flight (the meal service carts are almost always in the way), we worked with Scroggins Aviation Mockup & Effects of Las Vegas to bring in a cutaway section of a Boeing 737/757 passenger cabin.


Holding up to four rows of seats, it looks absolutely authentic with details like working window shades and overhead lights.

To make it even more realistic, we required the Portland talent to show up at 4:30 AM, take off their shoes and belts, and then charged them $50 for each carry-on. Just kidding. But some method actors really like that kind of stuff.

The cabin shots were part of several videos that show the difference between managing your business trips on your own and having an app that acts as your travel agent, including live support.

TripActions is a technology-enabled corporate travel management platform that combines data science, user-friendly design, and world-class service, to bring businesses and their employees the most rewarding travel experiences possible. Now, for the first time, businesses can track their travel spends like never before while keeping the focus on employee happiness. So business travel is no longer a pain, it’s a perk.

Watch the finished video: