Quickly Change Between Lighting Setups On Our Soundstage Using Just An iPad


Possibly the most time-consuming part of changing sets is resetting the lighting. But thanks to our Luminair Lighting Control Platform, you can now switch between setups with a single tap on an iPad.

One of the reasons we were excited to move to our new facility was that it gave us the chance to build our lighting infrastructure from scratch. We were able to design it to work more efficiently and help directors and producers achieve even better looking results.

Now we are happy to say that not only is our new grid larger, higher, and able to provide better coverage, but because of an integrated LED system, it can all be controlled wirelessly.

As a result, you can create your lighting schemes and effects ahead of time, so that on your production day you can switch instantly between them. This means you spend more time shooting and less time yelling up at a lighting grip on the scissor lift.

And of course it's also the best way to cue effects while the camera is rolling.

The official description:

Luminair 3 is a professional-grade lighting control platform that gives lighting designers, filmmakers and TV professionals, musicians, artists and other enthusiasts advanced wireless control over DMX-enabled lights and other equipment, as well as the next generation of "Smart" lights like Philips Hue. Luminair is built exclusively for iOS devices as a Universal app for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPhone and iPod touch.

Our Luminair system is one of the reasons we were able to move so rapidly on our recent House of Hoops shoot for Footlocker.

Like any powerful system, there are some ins and outs to learn before you start using it. So before your next shoot, talk to Brynden about how our wireless, iPad-controlled lighting system might be able to help you maximize your production time.