Making A Viral Video: Using Sean Brown's Motorized Precision Camera Robot For Microsoft Surface Studio

Microsoft's new Surface Studio has garnered a lot of buzz online, with the YouTube video having attracted well over 11 million views and more than 153,000 positive ratings (as of this writing).

It's an amazing piece of flexible technology. And getting the stunning close-ups and motion control shots for the video required another amazing piece of flexible technology.

The Microsoft Surface Studio is a sleek, all-in-one computer with some pretty cool functionality. Like the big 28" touchscreen, with 10-point multi-touch, which you can  draw on with a Surface Pen.

It also folds down from the standard desktop configuration into a drafting table configuration--the kind of thing that makes designers very excited.

To get the shots required to show off just how revolutionary this computer is, Amber Geiger Productions booked our soundstage and brought in Sean Brown of Motorized Precision and his 4,000 lb. camera operator named KIRA.

She may be big boned, but she can move the camera like a ballet dancer.

And no, we're not hurting her feelings because KIRA is basically a giant, robotic arm. And if we COULD hurt her feelings, she could toss through the wall like the Incredible Hulk.

Sean has designed KIRA's movement to be pre-programmed through a computer interface, or you can move her in real time using an Xbox controller. Who says all that gaming was a waste of time?

You be the judge. Scroll down to see the finished spot.

Photo credit: Brittany Rediger, Microsoft

Photo credit: Brittany Rediger, Microsoft