OMPA Holiday Party: Was It The Biggest Ever?


What happens when you invite Portland’s production community into the Northwest’s biggest soundstage facility, serve them lots of alcohol, and tell them “have fun”?

It’s hard to describe in words.

Fortunately, we took hundreds of incriminating pictures.

We were thrilled to be able to host the 2018 OMPA Holiday Party in our new facility. Par for the course, we were up on a scissor lift hanging lights until just minutes before the first guests arrived.

Everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves, and the turnout was even better than we’d hoped for.

We’re pretty sure we had more than 400 people show up. OMPA staff thought the number was slightly less than that. So we sent aerial photos of the event to the National Parks Service and they estimated the crowd size right at 1 million.

Who’s to say?

But we do know that we all got in some good networking and catching up with other professionals, and it was fun for us to show everybody around the new facility.

We asked OMPA Executive Director Lisa Cicala for her official statement on the event. And she said:

“What an incredible party! We were delighted to celebrate a great year with an awesome group of industry professionals at Cine Rent West's brand new space. We can't thank Cine Rent enough for hosting us and throwing one of OMPA's best events ever. Nearly 350 industry friends and colleagues came out to mix, mingle, eat, drink, take fun photo booth shots and celebrate together. This one will go down in the history books!”

So there you go.

Below are a few representative photos. Check out our Facebook Photo page for hundreds more.