Recently In The Studio: Projects We've Been Working On

We've been able to work with some great clients on interesting projects lately. However, until they are finished and released, we can't show you stills or give out other proprietary information. So in the meantime, we will give you some broad hints along with a few winks and a nudge.

ShedRain Video Produced by Funnelbox
How can any of us live in Oregon and not have a decent umbrella? ShedRain has stepped up with a line of umbrellas that have cool automatic features, are sturdy like you can't believe, and have been specifically designed to keep the rain off. All we can say about their upcoming video is that it involved gallons of indoor rain and a high speed camera. Cannot wait to see the finished product.

Google Kids
We shot some interesting green screen stuff with young actors for the search giant. If you're curious, just Google "google".

MasterPlan Marketing Produced by Good Kid Pictures
This one is going to be really cool. Tons of green screen work made to look like an extraterrestrial location. Probably how they faked the moon landing.

Short Film: Circle
We did some car interiors for this innovative short. It hasn't been released yet but you an find out more from their Facebook page.

Whim Grace Music Video: Teach Me
Whim Grace did the interior shots for her latest music video, which features a young couple falling in love. And also Whim floating through the galaxies. She wore a very minimal costume so that they could do the CG effects in post.

See below for stills and the finished video.