That’s a Wrap!


Cine Rent West Celebrates 1 Year in New Facility

Over the last year, we transformed a once quiet warehouse on the corner of 31st and Nicolai, into a premier soundstage facility in NW Portland. Coincidentally, we also just finished watching the demolition of our old studio.  Although that building is now gone, we’ll always have the many decades of Portland production history that were created there, all of which have been documented on our “Wall of Shame” (Complete with 90’s mullets and baggy jeans). We’d be lying if we said it was an easy transition, but we’re beyond grateful for the support we’ve received from our entire community in making it all happen!

Mesmerized by the wrecking ball, the nostalgia got us thinking about how much fun we had on Upshur Street. The building was originally an autobody garage until it was purchased by a local music conservatory group in the 1970’s. Then, about a decade later, local animator Will Vinton purchased the building and converted it into a studio where he could produce his signature Claymation. (Vinton won numerous Clio Awards, several Emmys, and an Oscar for his work).

In 1994, filmmaker Gregg Snazelle and original owner of Cine Rent West, bought the building and closed his San Francisco facilities. He and his son Craig built-out the soundstage and established a staple studio location for regional producers. Gregg was formerly in the navy, so naturally, he painted the building battleship grey. In 2001, current-owner, Chris Crever, purchased the studio and continued to develop Snazelle’s vision with improvements to the building, and upgrades to the available equipment.

If we’ve learned one thing in the last 18 years, it’s that the latest technology is great, but it can never replace skilled creatives or adequate planning. It’s all of our jobs to help educate clients on this. As we dove into the construction of the new facility at 2330 NW 31st, we designed with space with input from our production community. This helped us create a comfortable and efficient environment for projects large, small, and everything in between. Please feel free to reach out and schedule a tour of the new facility today! — Give us a call: 503-228-2048