A Quick Tour of the New Facility

Sometimes it feels good to toot your own horn, which is why we’d like to give you a quick tour of our new facility. We had a lot of help from our community and we sure are proud of how it all came together. Clearly, we’re seeking peer approval, so please excuse us while we boast about it.

To start, here is a quick shot of the Soundstage. It’s like a big beautiful blank canvas, just sitting here, awaiting your creative energy.


Through the hallway lies one of our favorite parts of the studio, the Kitchen and Lunchroom.  With rustic reclaimed wood, it resembles a great hall fit to host a royal feast. So much so, we’ve already had numerous wedding venue requests.


Circling back through the adjacent hall, we have the Production Office.  In the small amount of time we’ve been open, many a producer have complimented the speed of our fiber internet and the amazing natural light that inhabits this room.


Back through the Soundstage and under the stairs lies the entrance to the Green Room.  Featuring all of the comforts a talent could want, this space was specially designed to cultivate the makeup artist/actor relationship.


Lastly, (*toot*toot*), and just up the stairs, we have the Client Lounge and Conference room.  Like a monarch watching over their kingdom, this area provides a strategic and private view of the entire production.  When looking up from below, it’s clear who’s in charge.


There is so much more to this place that cannot be experienced within the limited perspective of this page, so we implore you to give us a call and schedule a visit in person.  Thank you for following this brag of a tour, it felt pretty good!